Marc Schutzbank

Marc Schutzbank

Director and Poet-In-Chief

“Give me a carrot, a beet, and a lime; I’ll make something so good – it should be a crime!” Marc Schutzbank is our resident poet-in-chief. Marc hails from the United States, coming to Vancouver as a Fulbright Scholar. As a graduate of the M.Sc. Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems program at the University of British Columbia,

he investigated the economic viability of urban farming – exploring how urban farmers are developing their businesses here in Vancouver. One of those farms was Fresh Roots. Marc has worked with Fresh Roots to develop a green thumb business model that does social good. Marc has a background in genocide prevention policy and finance – issues that he worked on at the University of Pittsburgh when exploring ethical institutional investment. Marc loves to grow, cook, eat, and share – come on over for dinner! When Marc is not on the farm, you can find him running along the beach or checking out a new recipe. more

Ilana Labow

Ilana Labow


Ilana co-founded Fresh Roots with a passion for gardening, compost, and witnessing the awe and wonder of people pulling a carrot out of the ground for their first time. Driven by the collected wisdom and stories of the diverse neighbours and community in East Vancouver, Ilana now helps develop the vision and growth of Fresh Roots.

After receiving urban farming and community development training with Growing Power, and training in conflict-resolution with the multi-national peace institute Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Ilana found herself in Coast Salish territories growing opportunities for good food access and cultural knowledge sharing in Vancouver’s soil. Ilana sits on the Farm to School Greater Vancouver steering committee, is a member of the Vancouver Food Policy Council, and was named one of the Vancouver Parks Board’s Remarkable Women of 2013. Ilana is dedicated to advocating for food literacy and for community members whose voices are not often heard, and energized by the incredible opportunities for collectively creating shared visions for a healthier, just, future. more

Scott Bell

Farm Manager

Scott has been farming for eight years in both an urban and rural context. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agroecology giving him the theoretical knowledge to backup the practical skills he puts to use in our market gardens.

In addition to growing food, Scott has led field-based agricultural education and training programs for youth and adults. He is passionate about exploring ways small-scale farming can be highly productive and financially viable thus enabling a new generation of farmers to participate in a regional food system. more


Charlotte Konken

Farm Manager

Throughout her career in agriculture, from driving tractors and chasing gophers to birthing calves and working in the biosolids lab, Charlotte has experienced first-hand how interacting with land, food and community can be a transformative and empowering experience (and great for developing a good sense of humour).

Charlotte is passionate about creating these experiences for youth through agriculture education and leadership programs. As a former student of Van Tech, she is excited to be back to engage with the community and grow Good Food! more


Cassandra Storey

Community Engagement Coordinator

Cassandra’s diverse skill set includes project coordination, client support, farming, and research in lab and field settings. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of British Columbia she flourishes in continually learning about and contributing to positive human-nature interactions.

Cass joined the Fresh Roots team in 2015 as a Schoolyard Farm Intern eager to play a part in a successful community-focused organization, and learn about growing Good Food! In addition to Fresh Roots, Cassandra also works in a research lab studying Pacific Salmon, and as a Doula supporting expectant parents through pregnancy and birth.. more


Stacy Friedman

Youth Program Manager

Stacy is grateful for the gift of learning with children, youth, educators, and community members to care for the land, grow, harvest, cook, and eat together. A certified teacher and facilitator with an MA in Curriculum Studies, Stacy brings 10 years of experience in place-based food and environmental education with the UBC Intergenerational Landed Learning Project.

She believes food connects us all and helps us understand our responsibilities to ourselves, each other, and to the Earth. Stacy is fascinated by botany and the diversity of the plant world, is enchanted by bees and other micro fauna who keep our ecosystems healthy and vibrant, loves engaging communities in learning and acting together, and finds fulfillment in preparing and sharing good food with others. more

Rosalind Sadowski

Youth Program Facilitator

Rosalind joins the Fresh Roots team from a diverse background in urban agriculture, sustainable food systems and community organizing. As a graduate of the Land and Food Systems faculty at UBC, she enjoys stewarding projects to their fruition and implementing new approaches to community food security.

As Youth Program Facilitator, she hopes to engage and inspire young people with the growing potential of schoolyard farms. Her passion for the local food movement in Vancouver has also led to work as the Market Coordinator for the UBC Farm, intern for Inner City Farms, and as the Coordinator for the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project. When she is not munching on locally-grown fruits or veggies, Rosalind loves to practice her Spanish and French, climb mountains, perfect her puns and travel to far-away places. more


Jenny Lu

Youth Program Facilitator

After an initial season of learning about school farms as a Schoolyard Farm Intern, and reflecting on agricultural rhythms, Jenny now spends time with high school youth in school gardens to grow Good Food and build community in the process of working and learning together.

In addition to her role at Fresh Roots, Jenny is currently a student at UBC, exploring the intersections between land, food, and community in the Global Resource Systems program. She is intrigued and humbled by how we can collaborate to restore, cultivate, and celebrate food and each other—across generations, cultures, and places. Jenny processes life through writing, and is hopelessly enamoured by the chance for snapping a good photo of growing things and candid moments. more


Winnie Kwan

Youth Program Facilitator

Winnie was first introduced to the world of food sustainability in the summer of grade 10 through her participation in the the Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership (SOYL) summer gardening program, and credits it for where she is currently in her educational career: studying Sustainable Food Systems

with the Global Resource Systems program in the Land and Food Systems faculty at UBC. Her involvement with Fresh Roots came the following school year when, as a high school student still, she was lucky enough to be involved with and witness the planning, building, and establishment of the schoolyard market garden at David Thompson Secondary. Having experienced first-hand both the positive impact that the schoolyard market garden has on her community and former school, and that SOYL has on youth and their personal leadership, sustainability, and food literacy skills, Winnie is grateful for this opportunity to give back. She hopes that by sharing her passion for food sustainability through SOYL, she’ll be able to inspire a new crop of growing youth! more


Cody Alba

Schoolyard Farm Worker

As a recent graduate from the Global Resource Systems program at UBC, Cody has developed a strong passion for regenerative agriculture. Having grown up in Peru, she’s been fascinated by the connection between food and culture, and knows how important this relationship is to developing ethically sustainable communities.

Cody aims to help each and every person, young or old, develop a strong connection to the earth and the food that comes from it. New to Fresh Roots, Cody is enthusiastic about working outdoors and interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds. more

Allie Foell

Distribution Coordinator

Allie has come to Fresh Roots as a co-op student from the University of Waterloo for the 2016 Summer season. With an extreme love for the environment, food, and passionate people Allie couldn’t imagine being in a more perfect workplace.

She intends to continue her education in environment and business focusing particularly on sustainable food networks. In her time off Allie can be found scuba diving, hiking and making vegan food masterpieces. more

Vivian Cheung

Schoolyard Farm Intern

Vivian’s interest for growing food began while working at her family’s restaurant, where she became increasingly aware of the importance and power of making healthy food choices, as well as how communities can form and bond through food. Now, with a new found appreciation for how
food is prepared, she is ready to explore the world of urban farming and the idea of “farm to table”.

As a biology undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia, Vivian is fascinated by all aspects of life, especially plants and animals. She is excited to apply her current theoretical understanding of biology in addition to the knowledge that she’ll gain throughout this internship to contribute to the farm and to inspire environmental stewardship and food sustainability in the community. She has a passion for educating others, especially working with youth. She believes that by doing so, we can build up and strengthen individuals and communities together to start conversations about food and the roles of humans in the environment, and also to make healthy eating accessible for all. more

Terry Chuang

Schoolyard Farm Intern

Terry is currently a student at the University of British Columbia in his fourth year studying agroecology. His journey into food & environmental sustainability blossomed during high school when he began studying nutrition in his own time. Entering university with plans to be a naturopathic doctor, he felt that the Applied Biology program at UBC more strongly resonated with his values.

Growing up here in Vancouver, he is most at home within the confines of a bustling city. Not willing to foregoe his aspirations of becoming a farmer post-graduation, Terry knows urban farming is the ideal combination of the two lifestyles. Away from the farm, Terry is a weight-lifting, heavy metal listening, Lord of the Rings fanboying, plant-based nerd. more