About the Community Eats Program

Fresh Roots envisions a world of Good Food For All, where everyone has access to healthy food, land, and community. We work towards that goal because there is real need. Many in our society do not know how food is grown, how to budget for it, let alone how to cook it. Six of 10 children aged 12 – 17 do not eat the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables; 31% of children are overweight or obese. Additionally, we have recently found out that ¼ of the students are food insecure in the schools Fresh Roots works with, a survey completed by a UBC Nursing cohort.  Our current food system is failing our planet and our children, and we recognized that the answer to these problems starts at school.

To address access to healthy foods, food-based skills, and positive food communities, Fresh Roots has developed a project called Community Eats. During fall 2016 Fresh Roots will be hosting Community Eats workshops where students will make food together, discuss important and challenging topics relating to our food, cultivate connections with peers and community members, and lastly, but most importantly, share food- together. We will explore topics such as indigenous foods, migrant agricultural worker program, and making food for your community. In addition, we also believe that gaining skills in preparing and cooking Good Food encourages youth to carry those skills with them into their homes, and hopefully into their future lives.

Most workshops will take place in Van Tech Secondary, with the exception of the last workshop which will take place at the Italian Cultural Centre. The room numbers are specified with the workshop. They are after school from 3:15pm to 5pm (some workshops will finish earlier).

Community Eats Workshops

  • Tues Sept 20, 2016: Chili & Welcoming Back to School w Healthy Food
  • Tues Oct 4, 2016: Guacamole, Chips, & Justice- An afternoon snack to explore our seasonal agricultural worker program (Room 615)
  • Thurs Oct 20, 2016: Apple Pie Making- The sweet and spicy flavours of fall (Room 615)
  • *New date – Wed Nov 2, 2016: Coast Salish Foods- Connecting with indigenous foods & knowledge (Room 615)
  • Tues Nov 17, 2016: Gratitude & Food- Celebrating the harvest season and making stew for the community (Italian Cultural Centre Catering Kitchen Space)

*The workshops are geared towards high school youth, although they take place at Van Tech Secondary, high school youth from other schools are welcome to attend.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, or have questions, please email mahin@freshroots.ca