Full Season Salad Box

CAD $324.00CAD $460.00

This is the full 20-week program that lets you eat fresh and seasonally all year long and provides the most support to our Schoolyard Market Gardens.  Each week, you’ll receive $18 of delicious schoolyard veggies.

We’re excited to announce that Fresh Roots is now a charitable organization! Join us in providing Good Food For All! (We are just so excited, we needed extra exclamations!)

Your salad box subscription comes with a charitable donation of $100, complete with tax receipt. If you’re able, we’d love to have your support of Good Food. If you’d like to opt out of a donation, you can do so below.  

Charitable Registration Number: 844249680RR0001

Pickup Day


Pickup Location Hours

Italian Cultural Centre: 2pm – 8pm
David Thompson Secondary (School Community Only): 2pm – 5pm
Vancouver Technical Secondary (School Community Only): 2pm – 5pm
Main St Market: 2pm – 6pm
Your Office Location: If you and 11 coworkers sign up, we can drop-off at your office!