Full Season Salad Box

CAD $270.00CAD $406.00

This is the full 20-week program that lets you eat fresh and seasonally all year long and provides the most support to our Schoolyard Market Gardens.  Each week, you'll receive $18 of delicious schoolyard veggies. Our Full Season program begins June 7th (provided that nature cooperates), so you can expect delicious veggies all through until October 18th. For those of you joining us later in the season, we’ve prorated the costs to reflect the remaining weeks left in the season.

We're excited to announce that Fresh Roots is now a charitable organization! Join us in providing Good Food For All! (We are just so excited, we needed extra exclamations!)

We sell our salad boxes at cost.  This helps to make delicious, local, sustainably grown food accessible to more people.  You can further support our programs that employ struggling youth. Fresh Roots is a charity – so you'll receive a tax receipt for your donation if you're able. If you'd like to opt out of a donation, you can do so below.  

Charitable Registration Number: 844249680RR0001

Pickup Day


Pickup Location Hours

Italian Cultural Centre: 2pm – 8pm
David Thompson Secondary (School Community Only): 2pm – 5pm
Vancouver Technical Secondary (School Community Only): 2pm – 5pm
Main St Market: 2pm – 6pm
524 E 15th Ave: After 5 PM
Your Office Location: If you and 11 coworkers sign up, we can drop-off at your office!