A Lovely Summer Evening at David Thompson

Plant. Harvest. Eat. Celebrate. You’ve been with us for the first two steps – come join us for the rest!

On July 12, Join Fresh Roots for a Summer Evening in the Garden. Our good friends at FARMACIE will be hosting their third installment of their Long Table Dinner Series, and you’re invited!

To reserve your seat, sign up here:

All you need is your appetite: a hunger for delicious conversation, dancing, music, and of course, fresh food (grown right on site). Chefs Marika Richoz and Juno Kim will be working alongside other local lovers to satisfy your taste buds. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to support Fresh Roots Schoolyard Market Gardens. We’re looking forward to sharing our harvest with you!


Fresh Roots Received the Vancouver Award of Excellence for Greenest City Leadership

We always knew students arm wrestling for broccoli in our schoolyard farms was an achievement. And on June 23 it was recognized by the City of Vancouver! Fresh Roots received a 2014 Vancouver Award of Excellence in Greenest City Leadership, as named by Mayor Gregor Robertson and City Council. Huzzah, let’s celebrate !

Fresh Roots was awarded Vancouver’s Greenest City Leader for our first of their kind in Canada Schoolyard Market Gardens. Grown in partnership with the Vancouver School Board at David Thompson Secondary, Vancouver Technical Secondary, and Queen Alexandra Elementary, Fresh Roots cultivates educational farms on ¾ of an acre. All food grown is sold right back into the school community: through cafeterias and at our Good Food Markets. The market gardens also host outdoor classrooms; spaces for teachers and students to learn and explore, whether it is math (using mustard seed pods to explore standard deviation), social studies (learning just how the industrial revolution transformed agriculture), Shakespeare on the farm, or biology.

After a peer-reviewed process assessing the impact, influence and achievements of the nominees, judges looked specifically for work that is replicable and scalable. “Over 130 organizations were nominated for the awards,” said Councilor Andrea Reimer. “And it was a hard decision. Really hard.” And Fresh Roots is incredibly honoured to have been selected amongst an inspiring collection of change makers!

“Vancouver is made exceptional by the inspiring people who live, work, and contribute their ideas and talents here,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. It’s only through the collective work of many hands: students, teachers, and neighbours; funders like Vancity, the Real Estate Foundation of BC, and the Vancouver Foundation; and the Vancouver School Board that this work can take place. We are inspired by what we can achieve together.

Join us to celebrate on July 12th for a lovely summer evening in the garden at a long table dinner hosted by Farmacie.


Farmer’s Log – June 25, 2014

We’ve had another busy week on the farms. Between harvesting, Good Food Markets, weeding and seeding we’ve managed to find time to nearly finish building our new walk-in cooler, which means we can provide even more food to our communities.
With the Summer Solstice upon us, the crops are growing at full speed, reaching for the sun and creating healthy fruits, leaves and roots for us to harvest in the coming months.
Even with summer upon us, we are already starting to think about winter. Now is the time to start getting some of the longer season winter crops seeded or transplanted. This ensures they can mature before the cold weather slows them to a steady crawl. It sure is a lot easier to think about harvesting in the winter with the beautiful weather we are experience right now!
Enjoy these long days!
Farmer Scott


Time to Grow

Sunshine, make those greens grow!
Gone are days of rain and gray
as springtime comes along to say
‘Huzzah hello – I’ll make you grow
with a blue blue sky and wind to blow

Over fields filled with seed and leaf
and good thoughts, and one belief
that together we’ll do it, hand in hand
with just one tatsoi or corn in a stand.



Tabouleh: a fresh salad with parsley & mint

Use your curly parsley and scented mint in this amazing recipe. Try this easy Tabouleh for a fresh and healthy salad!

250g couscous
4 vine-ripened tomatoes
half a cucumber
1 bunch of Fresh Roots green onions, sliced
1 bunch Fresh Roots parsley
1 bunch Fresh Roots mint
grated zest of a lemon
6 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice

Make the couscous before hand, so it has time to cool. Quinoa and bulgur wheat are also great options.

Dice the vine-ripened tomatoes and the cucumber. Slice the green onions and finely chop the parsley, then add everything to the couscous with the grated zest of a lemon.

Whisk the olive oil, lemon juice and the garlic with plenty of seasoning and drizzle over the couscous.
Toss well and enjoy!


Oven Baked Balsamic Swiss Chard

Not sure what to do with your Swiss chard? Try this easy recipe for a sweet side dish!

1 bunch of Swiss chard
3 Tbsp of olive oil
1 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar

Chop Swiss chard; make sure the stems are chopped in smaller pieces.
Put the Swiss chards on a large piece of aluminium foil.
Mix the oil and the vinegar together; add to the Swiss chard.
Seal the aluminium foil. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 350F.


photo credit Dana van Veller

Farmer’s Log – June 11, 2014

The harvests keep getting bigger and tastier as the season moves forward. We gradually seem to be winning the battle against wireworms – they have been eating our transplants’ roots at the David Thompson Schoolyard Market Garden through the spring. This week we planted all sorts of transplants: kale, zucchini, pac choi, gai lan and lots more head lettuce. The first crop of peas have come off the vine with more on the way and next week will mark the first harvest of our overwintered fava beans! Possibly most exciting are the garlic scapes that have shown their beautiful curly selves – an indication that the garlic below ground is starting to size up. Stop by the farm sometimes and watch our veggies grow!
Farmer Scott

photo credit Dana van Veller

Farmer’s Log – June 10

The season keeps getting better with new crops starting to reach maturity each week. With the help of the rain and sun, it seems we are also growing a healthy crop of weeds: wild mustards, purslane, grass and dandelions are growing alongside our veggies. This means the weeding begins! Fortunately the many helpful hands of our volunteer crews have already started to make a dent in these sneaky weeds.
I’m excited this week because I’ve seen the first snow pea forming on the vine and the snap peas are sure to be close behind.
Summer, here we come!
Farmer Scott