Announcing our ‘Raise The Roof’ Fundraiser

We need your help to raise money for new tent covers for all of our harvest stations & more! Donate here:

Why are we fundraising?

This past year has especially been tough for Fresh Roots. From fundraiser cancellations to ongoing theft, our schoolyard farms have been especially hit by all of the elements, causing unforeseen serious damage that falls short of our insurance coverage. Tents are an essential item when working and running programs outside, all day, everyday. They provide shelter from rain, sun and everything in between! 

Part of the impact of wind at the harvest station at the Van Tech schoolyard farm.

The aftermath of the snow that brought down the Suwa’lkh harvest hut.

The melted harvest station and tote containers after the sudden fire outside of David Thompson Secondary School.

What are fundraising for?

  • At the start of the year, the heavy weight of the snow tore down our Suwa’lkh harvest station. By spring, the strong winds ripped through our Van Tech harvest station.
  • Most recently, our David Thompson schoolyard farm was deeply impacted by an unexplained fire that was started outside of the school after hours. Although we are grateful that nobody was hurt in the incident, the fire left our harvest hut and supplies in unrepairable damage including several melted totes.
  • After many seasons, our market tent has also become seriously leaky and our programming tent is limping along but beyond good repair.

Throwback to our Purposely Team Build where organizations came together on Earth Day to harness the power of community!

Thanks to community donors like Dayhu Group of Companies for supplying our kids and youth with new tools and gloves to keep up the learning opportunities.

HELP US RAISE THE ROOF! Our goal is to raise $6000 for new farm supplies:

  • 3 x $1500 to replace large harvest covers = $4500
  • 2 x $400 to replace broken tents = $800
  • 15 x $20 to replace melted tote containers = $300
  • Additional losses = $400

Your Impact

Our harvest stations are an integral part for our farm-based learning. They provide cover from weather for our farm team and youth participants to safely and comfortably process harvested food. We are hopeful that with the help of the community, we can RAISE THE ROOF for our schoolyard farms to get the extra repairs they need.

Raise the roof for kids & youth!