Summer Fun and Growth: My Experience Working with Kids at Fresh Roots

By Fahima Mohibi, Day Camp Staff

In this blog post, I’ll share my exciting summer job experience at Fresh Roots, a local organization that focuses on food education and urban farming. Their commitment to developing healthy relationships with food, sustainable farming methods, and experiential learning to empower young people.

Fresh Roots camp is an incredible experience that combines fun, learning, and connection with nature. As a staff member at Fresh Roots Camp, my responsibilities included primarily responsible for implementing camp programming, engaging kids in fun and educational activities, plan activities and create or acquire program materials, ensuring their safety, assisting with garden maintenance, facilitating educational and recreational programs, and fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all the campers.

Working with kids is fun and I love it that no single day at Fresh Roots is the same. Every day we have different schedule and different activities. Every week you will be having different group of kids and from different age. Everyday was filled with exciting activities like arts and crafts, sports, nature exploration, and field trips every week. Cooking once a week and making snack from our garden. Being around kids inspires and energises me, especially when I get to see the world from their perspective and indulge their curiosities alongside them. I admire children’s, honesty, creativity, endless energy, resilience, kindness.

What did I learn from my summer?

Working with children is incredibly fulfilling and a fantastic method to gain important knowledge. I’ve learned a lot about childcare from growing up in a large family, including the specific attention that needs to be given to foster effective communication and balanced respect for one another. And many other valuable skills such as communication and leadership skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and improve my patience and adaptability and I gain a deeper understanding of child development. I learn to work as part of a team and cultivate a sense of empathy and compassion.

How do I see it influencing my career path or future goals?

Working in a summer camp with kids can have a positive impact on my career path or future goals as I want to be a law enforcement officer. It helped me to develop essential skills like effective communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving, which are crucial in law enforcement. Working with children can enhance my ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and build trust within communities. Overall, the experience can provide valuable insights and skills that can contribute to my success in a career in law enforcement.

What is the impact of Fresh Roots on the community?

Fresh Roots has a big impact on the community! They bring people together teach about sustainable farming and provide access to healthy food. They also create opportunities for volunteering and organizing events. Overall Fresh Roots helps build stronger and more resilient communities.

Lasting Memories

It’s a job that’s full of laughter, adventure, and the chance to make a difference. Amazing summer with the little ones.  I loved seeing the kids’ faces light up with joy and hearing their laughter. It was so rewarding to be a part of their summer adventures and watch them grow and learn new things. Plus, the friendships I made with both the kids and the fellow colleagues were priceless. It was definitely a summer to remember.


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Being a Day Camp Staff with Fresh Roots

By Kira Slykhuis, Day Camp Staff & SOYL Alumni

Out of all the amazing experiences I had over the summer, my favourite part with working with Camp Fresh Roots was getting to meet so many funny, kind and creative children.

To Be a Great Fresh Roots Staff, You Must…

  • Be open-minded
  • Be kind
  • Be patient
  • Be able to adapt
  • Be fun!
  • Try your best!

5 Awesome Things About Camp Fresh Roots

  • Fun environment for staff and campers!
  • Diverse activities and games
  • Field trips
  • Farming
  • Cooking and baking with fresh ingredients from our farm!

I learnt a lot over the summer. Camp Fresh Roots and Fresh Roots in general gave me the opportunity to improve many skills in an environment where I felt safe and okay to make mistakes as they are apart of learning! I enjoyed my memorable summer facilitating and having a good time with campers!


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