Today, we started the day off at Churchill by weeding some small plants from the garden beds. A small little carrot seed, a demonstration carrot seed (For the kids workshop) has sprouted with our cucumbers! Who would have thought that the little girl would come out…

After, we turned on the irrigation to water the plants and continued on with market planning and doing some blogging afterwards.

After lunch, we visited an urban garden near Langara. The garden was amazingly beautiful! Seeing their tomato trellis compared to ours made ours look way smaller. We got a tour around the garden and were told that seniors often come and visit the garden. But lately, only a few have shown up. To grant them better access, we decided to clear out the path that leads into and through the garden…by weeding! We were assigned into different sectors of the path and we clawed and raked out weeds that may cause harm to the seniors in wheelchairs. Even though it was particularly hot that day, we still pulled through! (Like the buff team we are).

Once we were done, we head back to Churchill and were dismissed from there.

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