July 10, 2015 – First day at Churchill

We began our first day at Churchill with a game. It’s kind of hard to explain but it involved a lot of bunny hopping and shoelace tying.

We next got on with building our new bed and trellis. We got to saw through some planks and level the soil, not to mention using power drills to put it all together. We also tied a lot of knots and wrapped a lot of tomatoes around strings for them to grow taller. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but we pulled through and became champions of building garden beds and tomato trellis’.

After a quick demonstration, we were taught how to turn on the irrigation and were off to lunch! After the delicious lunch including some dishes from veggie of the week (Radishes), we had our first leadership workshop.

We started off with a game, the Human Knot. After fruitless minutes of trying to untangle ourselves, it was clear that the knot could not be undone. So we stopped and had a great talk about leadership and the different types of roles leaders can take. We identified which ones we were and which areas of leadership where we needed to improve. Then we attempted the knot again, trying to push ourselves to step into a different type of leadership role. We still failed miserably but, it was still a lot of fun.

We ended the day off with a rousing cheer. “SOYL!!!”

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