Week 4 was a blast!

In the morning, as our warm up we played two truths and one lie.It was amazing how some lies were hard to guess because they seemed so real.Later on we visited the Fresh Direct warehouse , there was so much produce.We saw mushrooms, ginger, yam ,tomatoes ( hey why did the tomatoes blush when it saw the salad? Because it saw the salad dressing!!:>) ,etc.After the tour of the warehouse, we had a trivia game.If you get a question correct, you get a prize but at the end everyone got a prize because it was a happy day!


In the afternoon , we explored the cottonwood community garden. It seemed small from the outside view but from the inside , it was like a totally different world.There were so many different coloured flowers, big trees , small trees and also a full garden to the native plants. we also ate mole berries but they were hard to reach so Salma reached for the berries so thank you dear Salma. we saw the kiwi vines , with just a lonely kiwi hanging. we saw A BANANA TREE!! but no bananas growing?.We had lunch under a tree , it was shady and cool. WE HAD SO MUCH PUN!!!!!!


At the end , we visited the farmer’s market it was their 20th anniversary! CONGRATULATIONS!!!There was a lot of fresh organic produce that the farmers grew and harvested themselves .People were selling baked goods , honey, different types of home-made cheese and I scream for Ice cream! They even had free coffee and mini donuts , they were amazing!

Thank you to the fresh direct for showing us around their warehouse and also thank you to Jill for giving us a tour around the garden. Also thanks to Daniel for giving us more information about the farmer’s market!

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