Sliding Scale Registration

Camp Registration opens February 16.

Read on to learn about our Sliding Scale and continue to registration.

Camp Fresh Roots offers sliding scale fees so every camper can afford camp. Please read the descriptions below to decide what level is right for your family. Paying the most you can afford helps us cover the costs of the camp, hire and train experienced staff to care for your children, and continue to provide sliding scale options for families who need it. If you are “between levels”, or can afford more, there is an option to add a donation at checkout. If the Seed level would be a hardship, please email us at

Fruit (Generous)

Our family…

  • can comfortably meet our basic needs (food, housing, transportation).
  • owns or leases a car.
  • owns our home -or- rents a comfortable property.
  • has regular access to extended health care benefits (dental, vision, etc.).
  • works -or- does not need to work to meet our needs.
  • can afford an annual vacation or other regular travel.
  • can eat out, buy new clothes, go to the movies or other entertainment, or similar items each month.

Flower (Standard)

Our family….

  • might have some stress about meeting our basic needs but still regularly meets them.
  • has some debt but still can afford our basic needs.
  • rents a mid-range apartment
  • has adequate employment.
  • has access to transportation.
  • buys some new things and thrifts for others.
  • can take a vacation every few years without a financial burden.

Seed (Accessible)

Our family…

  • frequently has financial stress and sometimes does not meet our basic needs.
  • does not have stable transportation.
  • rents lower-end housing, lives with other people out of necessity, or our housing is unstable.
  • is unemployed or underemployed.
  • has no or very little expendable income.
  • rarely buys new things because we can’t afford them.
  • cannot afford to take vacations
This scale is a modification of the work of Alexis J. Cunningfolk

Please read our full Registration Policies.