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Field Guides

Great for all ages, these field guides will help you discover nature in your own schoolyard or neighbourhood.

Edible Flowers

Edible Weeds

Vancouver Native Plants

Activity Guides

Guide Name Suggested Grades Description
Super Seeds! K-4 Learn how special a seed is! Discover some of the cool things seeds can do, what hides inside the seeds we eat, and how they help plants grow.
Veggie Prints K-5 Explore the shapes, textures, and patterns of veggies and other plants through art.
Mystery Veggies K-5 Use your sense of touch to solve a veggie mystery!
Uplifting Leavening K-7 What makes bread, cookies, cakes, and more light and fluffy and not flat like a cracker? Leavening! In this activity, you will see how yeast and baking soda compare as leaveners.
Pollinator Scavenger Hunt K-8 Learn about pollinators and what they need to survive, then find some in your neighbourhood or backyard.
Stem Dissection 1-5 Stems give plants their structure (like our skeletons), and move water, nutrients, and energy between the roots and leaves in tiny tubes (like our blood vessels). In this activity, you’ll get to see those tiny tubes in action!
Leaf in a Bag 2-8 This activity gets students thinking about the properties of plants in creative ways, and helps them connect with a specific plant. It’s great for most ages of students, and can be adapted to many different skill levels.
Farm Ecosystem Web 3-12 A farm isn’t just plants! There’s a whole complex web of relationships between plants, animals, fungi, sun, water, and more. In this activity, you’ll create your own web to see how just some of the things on our farm are connected.
Forest Ecosystem Web 3-12 Act out and reflect on the connections in a forest ecosystem common to southwestern B.C. This activity is a great compliment and comparison to the farm ecosystem web. (Printable ecosystem web cards)
Sound Mapping 4-8 Use your sense of hearing to create a map of your ecosystem!
Animal Senses 4-12 Animals are always aware of their environment and changes in it. While we’ll never have a dog’s sense of smell or an eagle’s eyesight, we can look to animals to help us use our senses more fully.
Meet-A-Plant 4-12 Get to know a plant or two in your neighbourhood or backyard, then introduce someone to your new plant friends!
Dendroclimatology 9-12 Scientists are using the stories told through tree growth rings to help us understand historical and recent changes to the Earth’s climate. Watch and respond to questions about two videos showing the important work dendroclimatologists do.
Signs of Spring Bingo Any  Look at your local environment in a whole new way as you notice how spring is blooming all around us.
Exploring Spring Traditions Any In cultures all over the world, people celebrate the coming of spring! How does your family celebrate?


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