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Looking to bring Fresh Roots to your school or organization? Whether for a elementary or secondary class, community garden group, neighbourhood house, scout or guide group, or as a lunch and learn at your business, we’ll come to you to host a workshop for your youth or adult participants. We’ll bring the knowledge, you bring your community!

Pricing: Workshops are $150 for the first hour, $75 each additional hour (+GST when applicable), plus materials. Materials fees are per participant, and are listed in the workshop description.

Scheduling: Workshops can be scheduled year round, though schedule availability may be limited April-October.

Custom Workshops: We’re happy to work with you to plan a workshop to meet your group’s learning goals. Prices may be higher depending on the planning needed. Just complete the Workshop Request Form and we’ll get in touch to plan a program just for you!

Current Workshops

Super Seeds

Ages 4-9
1 hour
Maximum of 30 students, minimum of 1 teacher/group leader
Great for Winter! 
Learn how special a seed is! Dissect a seed to see it’s hidden mysteries and take a look at some of the many seeds you can plant in your garden plot or container garden! (This program will help you think about what you want to plant. The planting is up to you!)
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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ages 4-12
1 hour
Maximum of 30 students, minimum of 1 teacher/group leader

Great for Winter! Get a new perspective on plants. Stretch your roots and taste the sun as we explore the plant life cycle and the form and function of basic plant parts.  Younger students will act out the life of a plant through the seasons; older students will create a perspective poem from the point of view of a plant. Add a “Parts of the Plant” tasting for $1/participant.
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Pollinator Power!

Ages 4-14
1-1.5 hour
Maximum of 30 students, minimum of 1 teacher/group leader

Did you know that animals pollinate one out of every three bites of food you eat? Learn about the importance of pollinators to our food, become familiar with some of the powerhouse pollinators of our area, and how you can help them.  Add a “Pollinator Power Salad” tasting for $2/participant.
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Ages 6-Adult
1-1.5 hour
Maximum of 30 participants, minimum of 1 teacher/group leader for youth groups

Looking for a fun way to compost on site in your office, community center, or classroom? Vermicomposting (aka, worm bins) may be just the solution you’re looking for. Worm bins are an easy-to-care-for way to create some of the best compost around. Materials cost: $50/worm bin (1 bin minimum)
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Gardens for Good

Ages 10-Adult
1-1.5 hours
Maximum of 60 participants, minimum of 1 teacher/group leader for every 30 youth

Want to take your garden to the next level and give back to your community? In this workshop, we’ll look at inspiring projects from around BC, and help you design a garden-based project that will make a difference for your neighbors and the planet.
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You Can Kimchi!

Ages 12-Adult
1.5 hours
Maximum of 40 participants, minimum of 1 teacher/12 youth for youth groups

Fermented foods are packed with probiotic goodness and can be surprisingly simple to make. Make and ferment your own kimchi, and learn some of the science behind this “superfood”! Kitchen space required for this workshop. Materials: $5/person for food and jars, or $3/person if you BYOJar (500mL wide mouth jars are best)! For groups larger than 20, an additional $5/person facilitation fee will be charged.
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Taking Action for Food Security

Ages 14-Adult
1.5-3 hours
Maximum of 40 participants

This workshop designed for teen and adult learners investigates the concepts of food security within BC and Canada generally. Participants will learn about barriers to food security and work in teams to identify actions they can take to increase food security in their community. This is a great starting place for developing community action and advocacy projects.
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