A couple of weekends ago, the SOYL family reunited for a Sauerkraut making workshop.

The workshop was hosted by Andrea of Rooted Nutrition. Andrea taught us about the process of fermentation and we got to make our very own sauerkraut!

Just for some context, Rooted Nutrition’s philosophy is: “Empowering people through education and by offering practical tools to come into their kitchens to prepare healthy and delicious foods with love.”

Here’s how we made our sauerkraut:

(Basically, all you need is cabbage and salt, it’s that simple!)

  • Chop up the cabbage
  • We added chopped apples and carrots for sweetness
  • AND we added beets + beet greens for colour
  • We put layers of cabbage and salt in mason jarsThe salt keeps out bad bacteria and helps the liquid come out of the plant cells for juiciness
  • We pounded the cabbage until we got out all the liquids
  • Put a jar weight on top of sauerkraut so that liquid level would come up (refer to andrea pic)
  • Bubbles start to form at the top
  • And that’s it! Now..
  • Wait 3 weeks for it to ferment fully
  • Then you can eat it!
  • Sauerkraut lasts for months, just be sure to put your jar in the fridge once you’ve open the jar, so that it lasts longer and doesn’t become too sour

Check out our sauerkraut journey…

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