After School Clubs
Carrot Club chefs cooking up some yum in the kitchen at David Thompson

Schoolyard Market Gardens offer a wealth of opportunities for engagement, particularly for the students at the schools themselves. Student-led Garden Clubs are a critical component of connecting students with the garden and each other. We support schools in helping to grow their own garden clubs. Our youth program facilitators empower youth and teacher sponsors to build communities within the schools around growing gardens that can provide healthy food throughout the school year. These extracurricular groups meet once a week to grow, cook, learn, share and play in the gardens and in the kitchen. During these meetings, we work with students to cultivate food literacy through farm-to-fork workshops, build an ethic of responsibility through leadership of the space and foster connections, as club members share a unique relationship with the land together.

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We collaborate with teachers and food system community members to host workshops that build food literacy skills, teamwork, and place-based learning. Not to mention that we also make some pretty yummy food! In addition, we facilitate youth experiences outdoors, in the garden, in the classroom—in the garden as the classroom. If the idea of hanging out with the garden clubs and sharing your unique skills or knowledge interests you, please visit our Volunteer page for information on how get involved as a Culinary Skills Volunteer. We’d love to have you pop in at our Garden Clubs! Garden Clubs are an opportunity for students to gather together and engage with food and gardens in meaningful ways, while being introduced to many of the diverse components, links, and joys that make up their local food system.