Great Big Crunch



Since 2008, over 1 million people have joined Canada wide for the Great Big Crunch, an annual moment of anti-silence where everyone gets together and bites into crunchy fresh local produce in unison. The symphony is loud, whether you munch on apples or carrots. From coast to coast to coast, celebrate and enjoy healthy snacking with your class, colleagues or friends. Using vegetables and fruits as stars in recipes and fun activities will make you cherish the local bounty around us all.

Why Participate in the Great Big Crunch?

Celebrate Nutrition

The Great Big Crunch is a great way to celebrate healthy food in schools and join a coast-to-coast movement! The Great Big Crunch gets students excited about Nutrition Month and making half their plates fruits and veggies! And did you know that Canada is the only G7 country without a national school food program? Whaaaat? Tell your friends! Let’s get crunching together so that we can spread the word, celebrate food, and make changes!

Crunch Across Canada

Knowing you are a part of a cross-Canadian crunch adds even more ‘a-peel’. Schools and organizations all around BC will be crunching on March 8, with other provinces crunching later in the month. What a great chance to learn about what produce we grow in BC, and what’s local to other regions!

Fun Classroom Lessons and Activities

FoodShare Toronto, the original Great Big Crunchers, have put together a Great Big Collection of lessons you can use in your classroom to connect your crunch to math, science, language arts, and more! Whether your class participates in a day’s worth of activities, an afternoon, or just one Great Big Crunch, we hope your students come away from the experience with an enhanced interest and understanding of local produce, from seed to table.

How to Take the Great Big Crunch:

  • Make your crunch count! Registering makes sure you’re part of the nation-wide count of crunchers, and it takes just a few minutes. Register here.
  • Spread the word! Let your colleagues, friends, and family know what you’re doing, and see if they’ll join you. See if you can get your whole school or organization crunching!
  • Stock up on local fresh fruits and/or veggies! Use your BC Ag in the Classroom produce, or purchase some locally grown apples, carrots, or other crunchy local produce. Thanks to our friends at Discovery Organics, we’ll be able to supply crunchy treats to Vancouver-area classes that need them—just let us know when you register! (Limited number of boxes available.) ALL FREE FRUIT/VEGGIES HAVE NOW BEEN CLAIMED. 
  • Crunch down at 2:30 pm P.S.T on Friday, March 8, 2019! If you need to crunch at a different time, that’s ok too – we’ll store your crunch in the “crunch box” and release them all at the same time.
  • Share, share, share! Post to Facebook or Instagram using #greatbigcrunch. Like @FreshRootsFarms and @BCAITC, and let us know you are crunching.

Register for the Great Big Crunch

Help Change the School Food System!

All it takes is a minute! Sign this digital petition to the Minister of Health to implement an adequately-funded national cost-shared universal healthy school food program, enabling children to develop the food and nutrition habits they need to lead healthy lives and succeed at school.

Great Big Crunch Resources from FoodShare

Here are some great resources to make your Great Big Crunch even more exciting.

2019 Great Big Crunch Activities (English)
2018 Great Big Crunch Activities (English)
2018 Great Big Crunch Activities (French)
Certificate of Participation in the 2019 Great Big Crunch (French)
Certificate of Participation in the 2019 Great Big Crunch (English)

Learn more about the Great Big Crunch

The Great Big Crunch is a project created by FoodShare Toronto and animated by organizations across Canada.

The Coalition for Healthy School Food works towards healthy school meals and programs across Canada to ensure that everyone has access to Good Food.

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation provides healthy fruits and vegetables to schools across British Columbia.