Spring is in full bloom at the fieldhouse! To think that less than a month ago, these flowers that crown the streets of Vancouver were merely kernels on barren branches. Now, they are sweetened by the rich fragrance of pink popcorn in the air, the perfect treat to celebrate the release of a new season, both inside and outside of the Norquay fieldhouse. Here are three of many things to celebrate about spring time at Fresh Roots:

1. Here’s to the season to populate. It’s exciting to see our team grow, whether it’s meeting new faces virtually or exchanging smiles through our masks in-person from a safe distance. More welcomes to come as we continue our hiring process! (Click here for our current job openings)

2. Here’s to the season to pop up. Thanks to the amazing farm team, the gardens are coming to life before our very eyes! This includes our very own Norquay community gardens, freshly cleaned up, all thanks to great volunteers. Stay tuned to watch new signs ‘pop up’ in Norquay park soon.

3. Finally, here’s to the season of popsicles. In a rare last few weeks for ‘Raincouver’, the sun is out and we can’t wait for the bright future ahead for Fresh Roots as it looks to be another stellar growing season ahead! The sunny weather has also sparked some fun, summer-inspired activities to potentially come to the Norquay fieldhouse. More on that and other updates to come in next month’s Norquay update. Until then, pass the pink popcorn!

Pop, pop, pop it goes,
A toast to the new season!
Hello from Norquay,


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