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What is the recipe to build the sustainable, inclusive, resilient communities of the future? 

We can’t just tell the next generation how to be agents of change in the face of a bleak climate crisis future. They need to see, feel and experience what is possible. And they need the confidence and capabilities to know they can build it. I am truly humbled by the learning and growth I see each season in the kids and youth who participate in Fresh Roots programs and join our summer team. 

We asked a few of our summer employees, who were also SOYL program alumni, if they’d want to share a bit about their personal journeys. We were so moved by all they had to say. Please take a moment to watch. They give me so much hope.

“Fresh Roots taps into hidden potential of each person. In school systems, a lot of people like me who are looked at as the quiet kid, get overlooked and be like they’re just anxious, they’re just shy. When really it’s like they’re not given the right environment to actually grow and become the person they could be. This program is really good for those kids, like me. I needed it.” – Kira, SOYL Alumni & Camp Staff Team

– Alexa, Executive Director at Fresh Roots

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We are 84% of our way to our goal of raising $40,000 to get kids and youth learning and growing on schoolyard farms! Can you help us get there?

🌍 6 people donating $100 supports a stipend for one 6-week summer SOYL youth participant to learn and grow.

🌎 10 people donating $30 allows one family in financial need to send their child to camp

Fresh Roots Stories: SOYL Alumni VIDEO

Meet a few of the amazing SOYL alumni, now staff, as they share their personal journeys and how Fresh Roots has made a lasting impact. From their own transformative experiences to the meaningful connections with kids, youth, and the wider community they support – get ready to dive into the inspiring stories that drive their commitment and passion for positive change.

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