✨ REASON #5 to donate to Fresh Roots this giving season: Field Trips! ✨



Our schoolyard farm field trips connect over 3,000 students a year to food, the land, and each other through hands-on learning experiences. Just listen to one teacher whose class visited us this fall:

“Students were so engaged and excited to talk about all the plants and bugs they had found and several mentioned that they had not been able to just dig in the dirt since they were toddlers. You offer an incredibly valuable experience to students and I am grateful for the care and expertise of your facilitators.” – Aja Geddes, Grade 4-5 teacher

Help get students digging into more learning on local schoolyard farms!

– Andrea, Experiential Learning Program Lead at Fresh Roots


Donate Today!

We are com’minting to raise $40,000 to get kids and youth learning and growing on schoolyard farms, and we need your help!

​​✏️20 people donating $40 will keep field trip fees accessible for twenty local school classes.

✏️10 people donating $10 will help us buy seeds to teach kids how to grow their own food.


Come Prepare for a Field Trip with us

This past fall, we had the pleasure to work together with LFS 496 students Jindi and Jia to engage students on schoolyard farms. Hear from one of our UBC Community Educator’s about how we’re preparing to host more students on our farm for the upcoming spring field trips: 

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