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A common misconception about nonprofits is that grants are the best solution to charitable funding. The reality is that grants, similar to social media, often only focus on what we can tangibly show in photos and videos and measure in numbers and quotes. Although project and program-based funding is important to our schoolyard farms, overhead is often an overlooked need to run these projects and programs.

One of the biggest struggles as a not-for-profit is seeking funding for the less social media-friendly but crucial day-to-day costs to ensure that we can operate. This includes “business” costs such as bookkeeping, administrative support, phone systems, office supplies, and software; staffing costs like , equitable staff salaries and staff training, and operating costs like vehicles and produce coolers, and their maintenance. Community donors like you help us have the flexibility to literally tend to the “roots” of our operations, ensuring our team has the training, tools and materials to effectively run a professional, sustainable and healthy workplace.

– Vivian Cheung, Operations & Digital Engagement Specialist


Help us help others by fertilizing our organizational capacity to focus on running meaningful programs!


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We are com’minting to raise $40,000 to get kids and youth learning and growing on schoolyard farms, and we need your help!

​​✏️10 people donating $20 will supply gas for our team to go to and from market

✏️10 people donating $20 covers the monthly cost of foundational HR software that facilitates hiring, onboarding, training, time tracking and more for our seasonal staff team!


Meet the Team

Fresh Roots is not just programs, but also supporting the people and operations that go on behind-the-scenes. Meet the unsung heroes who make the programs run for kids and youth on schoolyard farms every season:

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