✨ REASON #4 to donate to Fresh Roots this giving season: Summer Camp! ✨



I could say a lot about Camp Fresh Roots. How we create an inclusive environment for campers and staff alike, how we help kids discover new foods through our kids-choice driven cooking programs, how we give kids real meaningful work to help our farms to grow. But I think our campers and their families can say it best:  

“Rosemary said this is her most favourite camp that she has ever attended and wishes she could do more!”

“Charlie was bouncing with excitement about this camp; on her first day she said she felt like she had “a thousand things” to tell us. It was wonderful to see her so excited about camp, and about food!”

“Mila came home full of information. You made education fun! She was very keen to make us dinner and breakfast after the camp. Loved it thank-you!”

Camp is a powerful experience and we’re committed to make it accessible to all the kids in our communities. Each year, we welcome 300 campers to Camp Fresh Roots on a sliding scale basis – families pick the price point they can afford with no means testing – as well as offering additional discounts and camp bursaries through our community partners. It is thanks in part to donors that we can keep our camps affordable at a time when family budgets are so tight.

Your donation of $1500 allows us to pay a Canada Summer Jobs staff above the minimum wage. $300 covers the cost for one camp bursary. $100 covers the difference between our accessible rate and the true cost of camp for one camper. And $20 feeds one camper daily farm-fresh snacks and a weekly cooked lunch.

– Kat, Director of Experiential Learning at Fresh Roots


Donate Today!

We are com’minting to raise $40,000 to get kids and youth learning and growing on schoolyard farms, and we need your help!

🥕10 people donating $30 allows one family in financial need to send their child to camp

🥕5 people donating $20 covers the difference between our accessible sliding scale rate and the true cost of camp for one camper


How to Cook with Kids Outside

What does our education team have to say about engaging campers? Check out this blog from our Experiential Learning Program Lead, Andrea, about cooking outside with kids thanks to one of our awesome sponsors, Nature’s Path:

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