✨REASON #9 to donate to Fresh Roots this giving season: Suwa’lkh! ✨



Suwa’lkh is one of Fresh Roots’s most important spaces for students to connect with food, the land, and community through Indigenous youth leadership on a weekly basis, as well as field trips, SOYL, and summer camp. Check out what Jaimie, our Suwa’lkh Farm and Education Lead has to say:

“Having the Suwa’lkh youth help with all aspects of the farm twice a week, we are building important connections with each other, the land, and the food we are growing. Throughout the season, youth are preserving herbs, learning about canning, and growing sacred medicines to be used in the school district. To see that the youth are enjoying being outside and growing food is amazing, and we’re encouraging them to eat more foods that they are harvesting. 

In addition, the food grown on our small site is making its way to people all over Coquitlam. Youth get the opportunity to give back through bunching and bagging vegetables for food donations. I love that we are able to have that impact on families in the district and hope that the youth learn to feel connected to the community through the work we are doing.”

Donate Today!

Support the work at Suwa’lkh by helping us fundraise to buy practical needs!

🍂 30 people donating $10 will supply children’s gardening gloves needed on site 

🍂 10 people donating $50 will supply more wheelbarrows to engage more youth at Suwa’lkh

Story of Fresh Roots at Suwa’lkh

Learn the history of Suwa’lkh and its lasting impact from Malcolm Key, one of the founders of the Suwa’lkh garden:

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