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“My journey with Fresh Roots began as an undergrad, in the early days when there was the schoolyard farm internship. Taking my academic understanding of biology and my experience in my family’s restaurant, Fresh Roots fostered and nurtured my strengths, transforming my outlook on science, career, and learning. It’s no wonder that I stayed volunteering at Fresh Roots for a few years before the opportunity arose to join the team as staff! Fresh Roots was and is more than just another work experience. Through deep connections and lots of potlucks, Fresh Roots gave me a taste of the power of community and in myself, building up my confidence and abilities in my formative young adult years. Even now I’m continuously being empowered to train and teach others on how to connect with the schoolyard farms. From supervising high school students to undergrad students every term and my years of non-profit administration, I love passing on what I have learnt and helping my peers expedite their professional development.

For us students, adults and adult volunteers – those who fall outside of the formal programming for elementary and secondary school – over the last decade, Fresh Roots has demonstrated a commitment to help us gain invaluable training and experience. We have been encouraged to explore and widen career possibilities as leaders and mentors, passing on knowledge and passion to the next generation to also become empowered food citizens. The fact that we see several SOYL alumni and former staff return each season speaks wonders to the impact that Fresh Roots has had on me and my peers. You really don’t get the depth of this feeling and impact at many other workplaces.”

– Vivian, former Intern, volunteer, and current Operations and Digital Engagement Specialist at Fresh Roots


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We are com’minting to raise $40,000 to get kids and youth learning and growing on schoolyard farms, and we need your help!

🌻 5 people donating $35 will purchase new rain gear and boots to have an hand for youth who don’t have the gear needed to stay warm and comfortable while working on the farms!

🌻 10 people donating $100 allows us to replace a clunky office laptop which is essential for work experience students to learn and work with!


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Every summer, we hire youth ages 15-30 years old to gain valuable farm, education and youth experience. Check out Jessica’s story as the Market Lead in 2019:

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