On our third community day everyone met up at Van Tech and leaned about food processing which meant lots of cooking, food and most importantly eating! Milling grain is something that most in this generation never think about but we got to try it out first hand turning whole grains into flour we used to make our bread.

We broke into groups to make the most scrumptious bread creations possible which included a sweet version of an “everything bagel” roll, a fig jam twist, oat bread, a cheesy empanada and of course the classic cinnamon roll. Secondly, everyone got a chance to learn the process of canning and just how labor intensive ,but important, it was for those who lived before refrigeration. Jars and jars of a no sugar added strawberry jam were created after numerous bowls of strawberries were cut and mashed. Finally, our last creation of the day was pickled beans. There were three huge boxes of beans to chop up and it seemed like an insurmountable task, but everyone pulled through to get through two boxes to be pickled. In addition to the pickling liquid, dill, garlic and even a few spicy peppers were added to pack a powerful punch of flavor. Different veggie of the week creations were also sampled which included cooked beets, turnips and a very vibrant beet and banana smoothie.This weeks veggie of the week were the same beans that we canned and even though everyone took home bulging bags of beans there were still many left. At the end of the day we all got together to taste our lovely creations which got gobbled up in minuted they were so good! On the whole it was a very delicious day filled with canning, pickling and bread making on our third community day which left both our interests and stomachs satisfied.

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