Make it Sow! We are aiming to raise an additional $10,000  by December 31st for our new stretch goal of $60,000! We need your help to grow Fresh Roots and nurture our youth programs now and in the future. Help us to ensure youth have opportunities to grow themselves and good food to share with the community. Together we can meet the increased demand for 2022! 

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Over the past year, the need for and the power of our SOYL (Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership) program has become really clear, with critical opportunities for youth to connect with their peers and mentors in-person severely limited for the past 18+ months due to the ongoing pandemic.

This past summer, we experienced a high demand for SOYL in Vancouver alone, with 130 youth applying for 25 spots. We need your support to help with the increased cost of supplies and workshops and to grow the program to meet the overwhelming demand for 2022.

Support the SOYL Youth Program today!

In British Columbia, 1 in 6 children live in households experiencing food insecurity. Canadians now spend more time indoors than ever before—approximately 90% of each day—and most of that time is spent sitting in front of a screen. And B.C. youth are reporting an increase in mental health conditions, including anxiety disorders, depression, and PTSD. The COVID-19 pandemic has made these numbers even worse.

With so many opportunities and programs for young people cut or canceled this past year, we’ve become acutely aware of Fresh Roots’ unique position to fill the gap with much-needed time spent outside on the schoolyard farms we steward.


  • $10 –  Provides seeds to grow a row of carrots for SOYL youth to harvest and take to market
  • $25 –  Provides one day of paid work experience and programming for a SOYL youth
  • $50 –  Provides lumber and tools for building project on the farms
  • $100 – Provides one week paid pre-employment experience for a SOYL youth through helping to growing, harvesting and selling food from the schoolyard farms
  • $250 – Allows us to invite a knowledge holder from the community to teach youth about topics ranging from native and medicinal plants to digital literacy and Afro-Indigenous farming
  • $1000 – Supports one SOYL youth for a week of learning, growing and leading on the schoolyard farms

The cost to run the SOYL program for a 6-week season is $75,000. We are grateful for every single donation to keep the program running and GROW it to meet the demand for next year.

By giving today you contribute directly to our ability to support kids and youth to learn, grow, and lead in safe outdoor spaces when they need it most!