Even in this, we are growing!  Every spinach, parsley, and mustard leaf loved their snow day this past week!

Even in this, we are growing! Every spinach, parsley, and mustard leaf loved their snow day this past week!

Our lives our rife; like a farmer’s life – filled with leaves and roots
We don our jackets willingly, and we all put on rainproof boots.
Hunched over ground, each seeded mound sprouts forth a little leaf
and begins the ride, true and tried, from main dish to Apéritif.

Farmer’s Log: March 6, 2014

Whoa Vancouver – you are back to yourself; well almost. This week’s harvest started in snow, moved into rain, and ended in sun. I guess our pleas for precipitation have been heard – and we are finally getting some.

This week we’ve begun our aliums (the crop family of onions, garlic, and leeks) in the greenhouse. We’re working with Earth Science Classes to explore pH balance and working with students to take oxygen readings on our seedlings. Our little plants are breathing!

We’ve got a few more veggie box spots, so sign up and reserve yours soon, before they’re all gone!

As always we are looking forward to sharing our harvest with you.

With a fistful of sunshine,

Marc, Ilana, and Scott

Good Food Market

Please join us on Today Mar 6, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, at David Thompson Secondary at our schoolyard harvest market stand! For those of you with our schoolyard harvest program, we’ve got your account ready.

Get ready for winter spinach, Fresh Root’s delicious spinach, herbs, and kale. Come for the food – stay for the friends! It’s another beautiful day with Fresh Roots and we are excited to share our produce with you.

When: Today! March 6, 3-5 pm
Where: David Thompson’s Schoolyard Market Garden
More info?:, 778.872.KALE (5253)


Weekly Veggie Boxes are Back!

This year, Fresh Roots will be bringing back our famous weekly veggie boxes. Enjoy a weekly delicious box of schoolyard grown vegetables and at the same time, support your schoolyard market garden.

$475 for 24 weeks of veggies; May – Nov
10% off Fresh Roots’ Good Food Market

For more information and to sign up – click here!


Join Fresh Roots for Team Building

We facilitate team-building activities for local Vancouver companies and organizations in our neighbourhood market gardens. Co-workers form teams in our fields, growing relationships amongst staff while making a difference in the community.

If you are interested or would like to learn more contact Marc at


I read an article last week about farmers in India, and about the startling numbers of farmer suicides. Many Indian farmers are deeply in debt and lack options to provide for themselves and their families. Much of this is attributed to a changing global market, where cheap imports have put pressure on local subsistence farmers. These farmers in turn move to commercial crops and go into debt purchasing expensive farm inputs: chemical fertilizers, machinery, seed.

Fresh Roots is deeply committed to supporting farmers both here and elsewhere. Everybody eats. And we want to support the people that make that possible.

If you’re interested in learning more, click the photo to take you to the article.

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