Full Season Veggie Box

CAD $180.00CAD $280.00

*If you sign up late in the season, no problem! Prices will be prorated to reflect the number of weeks remaining in the program*

This is the full 20-week program that lets you eat fresh and seasonally all year long and provides the most support to our Schoolyard Market Gardens.  Each week, you’ll receive $20 of delicious schoolyard veggies. This box begins May 30th (provided that nature cooperates), and ends October 10th.

Did you know Fresh Roots is a registered charity?!  The purchase of Veggie Box helps keep the wheels of the farm turning but you can further support our youth empowerment and experiential learning programs by making a donation. Fresh Roots is a charity (we’re very excited about this) – so if you’re able to make a donation you’ll receive a tax receipt. If you’d like to opt out of a donation, you can do so below.  

Charitable Registration Number: 844249680RR0001

Pickup Location Hours

Italian Cultural Centre: Wednesdays 2pm – 8pm
15th and Fraser: Wednesdays 3pm – 6pm
Trout Lake Farmers Market: Saturdays 9am – 2pm
Your Office Location: If you and 10 coworkers sign up, we can drop-off at your office!