Nodding Onion

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Oceanspray – Holodiscus Discolor

The oceanspray is a fast-growing deciduous shrub that can grow 1-3m in height. They can be identified by its oval to triangular leaves with green upper surface and paler, softer surface and their lilac-like flower clusters.

Height: 1-3m

Edible: N

Medicine: Y

Other Uses: Y

Poisonous: N

Soil: Medium to fine, alkaline soil

Watering: Moderate to dry, drought tolerant

Sun: Partial to full sun

Usually found at: Open, disturbed areas such as logged or burned areas

Pollinators & wildlife: Pollinator plant for bees and butterflies. Attracts songbirds

Ornamental: Decorative shrub with cascading white flowers



Nodding Onion

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