By Tathali Urueta-Ortiz, Youth Empowerment Manager

Last market, we had tomatillos at the ICC market and customers did not know what they were and what to do with them. I am Mexican and in México, we use it to make salsa verse (yum!) This plant has been cultivated in México since pre-Hispanic times it is a native plant belonging to the nightshade family.

Here are the steps with photos to make salsa verde:

1. Peel and wash the tomatillos. Peel one garlic clove. You will need at least 1 Serrano or jalapeño pepper.

2. Place all the ingredients in a pan with no oil or water, roast the ingredients.

3. Once all the ingredients are roasted, put them in a blender and add salt.

Now you have salsa verde. This is the basic recipe for salsa verde. You can add this salsa to sunny side eggs, scrambled eggs, or tacos!

Visit our markets before the end of season to try it out and to support youth and kids on schoolyard farms:

  • Il Centro Italian Cultural Centre Pop Up Market (3075 Slocan St): Wednesdays @ 3 – 7 PM
  • Suwa’lkh School (1432 Brunette Ave in Coquitlam): Thursdays @ 3 – 6 PM

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