by Alexandra Johansen, SOYL Vancouver Crew

This summer has honestly been the best summer ever and that is all thanks to the SOYL
program. It was so fun! I came in not knowing anyone at all, but I got to know many amazing people that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Our facilitators are also super awesome people who love plants just like everyone in the program. We all just have the best time together, even when it comes to weeding in the heat.

So far, we’ve been on three field trips – one to UBC farms, one to Superstore and Langara YMCA and the most recent which was to Food Stash Foundation. They were all a blast while being educational. I learnt a ton, especially about medicinal plants during the tour around the indigenous garden at UBC farms. During the program we also get to attend Fresh Roots’ market at the Italian Cultural Centre, which was again, very fun. I got to work the register, which was kind of stressful at first, but I ended up getting the hang of it. It was just fun to hang out with veggies.

Another super exciting part about this program is that twice a week, crews get to cook lunch for everyone. My favourite dish by far has been the stir fry – it was absolutely delish! We’ve also had curry, chili, lasagna, burgers, pizza… and always a salad to go with. I love a good salad. When I wrote this blog at about halfway through the program, I was already a much more self-confident and leadership-like person than before. I am truly grateful for this program’s existence and the experience it gives me. Thank you, Fresh Roots!

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