Field Poetry – May 5, 2014

What do you say to a rain cloud that stays when the beach is filled with sun?
Do you just disband in this rainforest land; say forget it, I’m on the run.
Do you wait till it’s right; and under the dark night drop buckets on top of the roof
Either way, we’re glad that by day; this weather is clearly rain proof.

Field Poetry – April 1, 2014

Time to Grow
Sunshine, make those greens grow!

Gone are days of rain and gray
as springtime comes along to say
‘Huzzah hello – I’ll make you grow
with a blue blue sky and wind to blow

Over fields filled with seed and leaf
and good thoughts, and one belief
that together we’ll do it, hand in hand
with just one tatsoi or corn in a stand.

Field Poetry – March 6, 2014

Our lives our rife; like a farmer’s life – filled with leaves and roots
We don our jackets willingly, and we all put on rainproof boots.
Hunched over ground, each seeded mound sprouts forth a little leaf
and begins the ride, true and tried, from main dish to Apéritif.

Field Poetry – February 13, 2014

Springtime flowers, in sunshine hours; populate the earth
I’ve seen those pussy willows, and the crocuses give birth
Our sleeves are up, our rain pants on, and we’re already on the go
We’re just waiting for our friends so we can start to grow
So join our band of carrots that are marching round the blocks
we’ll line up beets, and salad too for those who’ll buy a box
Our sign is out – so go sign up for a tasty summer treat
and support your schoolyard garden with a veggie you can eat

Field Poetry – February 5, 2014

Hibernating’s easy when you’ve got a coat of fur
But for parsley growing in the cold – let’s just all say… “burrrr…”
This ain’t Quebec upon last check, but still this place is cold
And all our veggies want a place where they can all grow old
So take them home, and in a chrome, pot of boiling water
Chop them up; dine and sup a vegetable slaughter.