2022 Impact Report

Our 2022 Impact Report with you is fresh off the press! Click on the image below to view.

Here’s a sneak peak from Alexa Pitoulis, our Executive Director at Fresh Roots:

“An important reflection that repeatedly emerges in our strategic conversations is how Fresh Roots creates inclusive, diverse and safe spaces for youth to fully express themselves, and empowers them to engage in their identities and values. This is core to who we are, and it is in how we create these spaces that allow kids, youth and staff to learn and grow in incredible way

Please join us for one of our 10th year anniversary celebration events! It’s because of YOU and your support that we have achieved so much.”

Thank you to everyone who was part of the community last year. Tickets to our Annual Schoolyard Longtable Dinner fundraiser are on sale now! As we reflect on 2022 and our 10th anniversary, help us continue to create more impactful opportunities for youth and kids on schoolyard farms for years to come.

If you would like to request a physical copy, please email, otherwise, it is available to view online here: