Flashback to our very first day! Here are details of our very first day of SOYL, way back 6 weeks ago. Oh the nostalgia!


The adventure has begun. Wednesday July 18 was the first day of the SOYL program, and we started off with a field trip to the amazing UBC farm. Retired professor, Dr. Art Bomke gave us an enriching workshop on the history of the local vegetation in Vancouver and different types of soils.

For most of the youth of SOYL it was our first time exploring the UBC farm. It was a truly mesmerizing experience hiking the enchanted forest. We had the opportunity to see native vegetation of Coastal BC. After, they introduced us the beautiful produce they are growing in their farm. Something peculiar about this farm is their apple orchard.They have more than 30 varieties of apples!!! with very interesting names.

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