Suwa’lkh and Fresh Roots
Re-Indigenizing our Food System

Fresh Roots has headed to Coquitlam. Working in partnership with the Coquitlam School District’s Aboriginal Education Department, Fresh Roots is helping re-indigenize the food system at Suwa’lkh School. On a seven acre forest, youth are learning how to steward land as it has been done since time immemorial. Youth remove invasive species, learn to propagate native plants, foods, and medicines, and then plant them in the forest to re-indigenize the forest. Youth are learning how to grow their own food and to help bring that into the cafeteria program that provides lunch every day.

Suwa’lkh is growing big this year and we need your help to help it grow. Consider joining us for our numerous volunteer events and festivals, we’d love to share Good Food with you. Learn more by clicking below:

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