Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve made an update from the Norquay Park fieldhouse, so I hope you’re doing well and staying warm in the final hurrah of winter. For me, I’ve been bustling around in between the office and the virtual work of operations and digital engagement. Although many people often correlate our work with the growing season, the off-season serves as fertile ground for non-conventional species to thrive. So, here is the quick, dirty rundown what’s been growing at the Norquay Park Fieldhouse below. (Also, check out Kat’s great blog about Fresh Roots’ off-season)


New season, new faces! We were so excited to welcome awesome human beings in our office space and schoolyard farms (and off site too!). For starters, if you were following along the Farmer’s Logs or been on the farms last year, you would know that Camille, being the incredible person they are, was housing a sweet little human in their body while also managing the farm team AND the Vancouver sites. Crazy, I know. For now, Camille and their little bean are having some much needed quality time while they’re on leave, so this season, it’s been such a delight to have Cheyanne stepping into the role of Acting Good Food Farm Manager in their absence.

You’ll get to learn more about Cheyanne through the season as we get farm updates from her, but here’s her bio to get you started:

Cheyanne has been working as a farmer since 2016, and is passionate about creating healthy and resilient communities through sustainable, small-scale farming. She studies western herbalism in her spare time and can be found crafting all sorts of herbal potions in her home kitchen. Future plans include blending her two passions by starting a medicinal herb farm.

In addition to Cheyanne, another familiar face that you’ll get to know is Anmol, our newest LFS 496 student to help with all things admin and farm as the growing season starts. I’ve asked Anmol to introduce herself so take it away, Anmol 🙂

Hi everyone!!

This is Anmoljeet Kaur. I have got the opportunity to be part of the Fresh Roots team through the LFS 496 to work as an Admin and Farm Assistant.

Well, I am extremely excited to learn new skills and be on the farm!!

A few things about me, I am a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and I am currently pursuing a Master of Land and Water systems. I love to read about soil health, urban farming, regenerative agriculture, and waste management. I have worked on some research projects back home in India, quite of few focused on farm pest control and intercropping using indigenous practices. I am good at making traditional farm nutrient formulations and trained in mushroom cultivation and commercial horticulture. This summer, I will be working on my major project “Capturing nutrients from waste”. Apart from that, I am a great cook. I have got a great hand in making a bunch of Indian curries. Have a look!!

If you see Cheyanne or Anmol around on site, definitely give them a community welcome. We love meeting new folks in the community! With hiring wrapping up, you’ll also get to see more new faces around as seasonal staff get onboarded, so stay tuned for more updates.

Seed Inventory

At the beginning of the season, we were also welcomed by a big box of seeds. With all the kids and youth that engage on the schoolyard farms in addition to markets and CSA’s, and of course, the Norquay Park sharing garden, you can imagine the amount of veggies we need every season. That’s why we’re super grateful for our friends at West Coast Seeds for their ongoing support to let us hundred of veggies and varieties for students and community members alike to learn and enjoy through our farm-based educational programs!

Although there are lots cool seeds to choose from, my favourites from this batch are the cucamelons and rainbow cauliflower. For those that have never encountered this unicorn of a fruit, cucamelons look like mini watermelons and are like the mini 2nd cousin, twice removed, of cucumbers in taste. I like pretending that I’m a giant that munching down on a watermelon patch so I can see why its a camp favourite! Another veggie that catches people’s eyes, especially at last year’s market and the sharing garden, are the purple graffiti cauliflowers. It almost feels like it was the product of a funky science experiment, but in fact, it is naturally occurring. The bright purple comes from anthocyanin, the same antioxidant also found in red cabbage. This year, to our surprise, we received some bonus bright orange cauliflower seeds! Similar to purple, these varieties come from a surplus of beta-carotene, the antioxidant you find in carrots and sweet potatoes. Look out for cucamelongs and these fun cauliflower on our schoolyard farms and potentially the sharing garden!


Lately, we’ve also been working together as a team to make the office space at the fieldhouse look great. Every season, we get hit with a hurricane of programs and seasonal staff. And every year, the office unfortunately faces the aftermath at the end of the season. Through the team’s efforts, we made great breakthroughs in the organization of the space, which will be great as we have some exciting partnerships with the sharing garden coming up.

More to come with Norquay Park’s fieldhouse. Until our next update, enjoy these snow drops that have made a return in the snow at Norquay Park.


Seedlings of the new season.

Hello from Norquay,



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