Science Odyssey

This year Fresh Roots participated in Science Odyssey, a ten-day celebration of discovery and innovation that engages and inspires Canadians of all ages with activities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!

Sky, Sun, Seasons & Shadows Workshop

During a live workshop, Dr. Susan Gerofsky shared experiential ways to learn science and math outdoors in the garden. In this video filmed at David Thompson Secondary with members of the Fresh Roots team and viewed during the workshop, Dr. Gerofsky teaches how to measure the angle of the sun and its path through the sky, how to make a pinhole camera to capture the changes in the sun’s path over half a year and how to create a portable sundial. These activities can be downloaded in a comprehensive handout created by Dr. Gerofsky to accompany the video and support educators who would like to try them out in their own outdoor spaces!

Sky, Sun Seasons and Shadows Handout


Spotlight on Scientists

Young adult staff members at Fresh Roots interviewed inspiring individuals contributing to science, to learn more about their personal and professional journey, career, and what advice they have for youth. These scientists surprise and delight us with their unique topics and backgrounds, and the unexpected ways their work connects back to healthy food systems and a healthy environment. Click on a scientist to read their interview.


  • Dr. Susan Gerofsky with red glasses posing for a headshot. Text reads: Dr. Susan Gerofsky. Math and Environmental Educator. Logos for Science Odyssey and Fresh Roots.
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